I Was Awakened By the Dead

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I used to promise myself daily reflections, a diary of thoughts to keep my mind active. But life’s demands often distracts me from fulfilling that commitment, leaving me feeling guilty for not staying true to it. Looking back, amidst the hustle, I’ve come to realize the importance of honoring the quiet moments, appreciating the fundamentals like rest that are vital for our well-being. In today’s world, success and productivity are often measured by constant grinding. From the early days in school, we’re conditioned to believe that immediately diving into professions like medicine or law post-graduation is the ultimate goal. The societal narrative pushes us to always ask, “Where to go next?”, “Who’s next?”,”What’s next?”, and keep chasing without pause. But what if that pause is what we need to reassess, return to our roots, and gain clearer perspectives? While relentless pursuit of goals is commendable, the nobility of professions like medicine and law, we mustn’t forget the richness found in life’s simplicity. Amidst the grand adventure of work and achievements, surrendering to the beauty of life’s fundamentals and letting poetry, romance, and especially love guide us is equally fulfilling. It’s a reminder that embracing life’s fundamentals is as enriching as societal accolades—an important lesson from the movie “The Dead Poets Society” that awakened me from within.

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